A Letter From Our Team Captain Emeritus:

The CT Sled Hockey Organization is run by a group of very dedicated volunteers. There are no paid positions in this organization. The average cost to support each individual player per season is $600. Ice time alone can run $350/hour. The actual cost to the player is $30 to cover insurance and membership in USA Hockey. In order to be successful and keep the players costs to a minimum, our team needs volunteer support from parents, players, friends and the community at large. Please review this partial list of volunteer positions that we need to fill and let us know where you can help. If you have any questions, please contact our Head Coach or our Team Manager. Thank you in advance for helping to bring sled hockey to the disabled athletes of Connecticut. As a member of this team, I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated and needed. Thank you! GO WOLFPACK!!

— Karen Smith, Team Captain Emeritus

Volunteers Needed

Coaches: Our coaches work very hard making this sport both enjoyable and challenging for our athletes. As our team grows, we need more on ice coaches, particularly for the beginner level players. You don’t have to be an expert! Just be able to skate, know the game and have the enthusiasm to bring the love of the sport to our players.

Sled Pushers: Some of our players require an able bodied assistant to push them in a specially designed sled. This is legal for game play so these individuals must be committed to attend all practices and games that will include push sleds. Pushers must be strong skaters and have a good knowledge of hockey rules and positioning. Your actions on the ice will be instrumental in the success of the player. Coach Carney must approve all sled pushers.

Photographer: Particularly needed for the NESHL League Season but also for public relations

Videographer: Needed to make a new PR DVD for the team by combining clips from previous news stories and tapes that we have. Also would be beneficial for filming some game play for follow-up coaching and critiquing.

Media Writer/Public Relations: Someone who can write up game summaries for the NESHL league games and also write and submit articles to the media for public relations and marketing our team.

Equipment Manager: This person will be in charge of maintaining all equipment for the team in good working order. Would be best if your car or truck could tow our trailer.

Timekeepers and Scorekeepers: For most games, but especially for the NESHL league season.

Recruitment: Persons needed to recruit new players for both the Youth and Adult teams.

The following are committees that are needed. Please think about also being on one of these committees, or better yet, heading it!

Board of Directors: Meets approximately four times a year to initiate and manage operations of the team.

Celebrity Sled Hockey Game: Game is held at the International Skating Rink. We need committee members to take charge of fundraising for the event as well as coordinating the event and working with Brad Drazen of Channel 30 TV, captain of the celebrity team.

Travel Committee: This committee will be in charge of coordinating travel and lodging for our away tournaments.

General Fundraising Committee: This is an extremely important committee needed to research and execute fundraising events for the team. This committee may have subcommittees as needed for certain events. We are looking for some very dedicated and dynamic individuals who will be the backbone of keeping our team alive.

As always, we are looking for donations of new or used hockey equipment, ice time and funds.

Thank you again for helping to keep such a great organization available to physically challenged athletes!

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